Payroll Management Services

DNRS provides effetive Payroll management services, but requires minimum administration. Our service assures  you to get easy access and also safe services with good accuracy. It can be custom made as per a business requirement. The system has many features to report and to implement. Our service saves time and lowers error rate. Our service simplifies tax processing of the data. it even eliminates the stress of processing all the records and also can get your old payroll reports when needed. Payroll service will track and maintain all the information of salary. The service can give you access to technology and also to perform payroll well. Our Payroll Management services reduces risk and cost.

We establish and carry these:

  • Pay and salary hike information
  • Salary paid or not
  • Monthly Salary Report
  • Leaves information and salary deductions
  • Attendance of Employer
  • Maintain pay record and pay slips