Cleaning Services in Bangalore

All housekeeping services are planned to achieve the highest rank standards of cleanliness through innovative resources, eco friendly and equipment. The results are of quality level while joining real business benefits and value to the eco system. We are renown to be expertise and also experienced company in providing the best in class cleaning services 24/7 with 365 days. Extend to all facility types like commercial offices, clinic and hospitals, factories, hotels, banks, IT parks, campuses and financial company, schools, stadiums, warehouses or in fast moving environments like shopping malls, retails and so on. We also provide weekly and monthly contract for cleaning services in Bangalore.

Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping refers to the management of duties involved in the running of a household, such as cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, shopping and also bill pay and by hiring people these tasks can be easy to do.

Pantry: It is a room to store household cleaning chemicals, food, or dishes. We provide service to maintain and keep it clean.

Lawn and Garden: We offer range of solutions from re-planting and periodic maintain to indoor and out door planting. Our highly trained staff see and maintain plants and trees based on their characteristics. With most care for the environment. We have more specialized cleaning services in Bangalore.

Cleaning: We serve clients by providing best in class cleaning services. Our team handle all requirements from a specific scheduled request to recurring monthly or weekly tasks. Offer different cleaning services check below

Types of Cleaning Routine Cleaning

This cleaning ensures that offices, meetings, toilets, furniture, floors and also similar areas are made to high level of general cleanling to fit for their purpose.

 Reactive Cleaning

It is a  service to maintain full and safe use of facilities response to replenish consumable and monitor the cleanliness of all sanitaries.

 Periodic Cleaning

It includes all deep and periodic cleaning activities which require frequent cleaning like in kitchens, vend points and cafe.